Use Your Voice

Hello my peoples!

My genre project was inspired by Dr. Garcia. We were told to choose a genre, use our voice, make it public, and show the world what we are about… or maybe that’s just what I gathered from it!

When I was thinking about how to do these very things a thousand ideas went through my head. However, in the end I realized the way I wanted to use my voice was to tell others to use their voices by making them aware of the multiplicity of voices they face everyday in their own lives. It’s not confusing, it’s inspirational!

Anyways, this video is a compilation of pictures I took all around Fort Collins (I even ventured into the men’s restroom a few times!) of the everyday ‘voices’ we see in our lives. From sticky notes to graffiti on the wall to bathroom stall scribbles to No Smoking signs, we are bombarded with other people’s voices and opinions each minute of the day. My hopes for making this video is to inspire others to make their voice known, even if it requires no spoken words. I also wanted to provide an accessible tool for teachers to inspire their students to use their voice, not only in writing for purposes of education, but to make a statement to the world; one that could make an impact.

If you have any suggestions on how the video could have been done better, please feel free to share! I love (polite) critique!

P.S. I will NEVER listen to the song “Say” by John Mayer again after making this video.


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