I’m a Professional

Last night I was an Arrested Development episode. It’s the one where Michael hires a new lawyer for his father. How do we describe this lawyer, Wayne Jarvis, in one word? Professional.

This got me thinking about the conversation we had in class the other day about being professional and, although we were talking about newspaper writing, I think I’d like to visit this.

Being professional in the work place has always been something that is important to me. From an early age my mom taught me that how I conduct myself directly reflects how others see me. Although it may seem superficial, little things such as word choice, mannerisms, body language and even clothing effect other people’s opinions of us. (How do we dress professionally? BAM! Read this blog).

I’ll admit that I curse like a sailor. If you really sit down and get to talking with me, I can assure you that there will be quite a few curse words flying out of my mouth. I don’t think of them as so bad. However, whenever I’m around my students or children in general, I will filter my language pretty quickly. Why? Because no matter how much these students might curse themselves (“It’s not like I haven’t heard the word Ms. Burris”), I just don’t think that it’s professional.

As I’ve said before, as educators, we seem to be under more scrutiny than other professions. So I think that it is imperative that we conduct ourselves in a professional manner. Particularly since we are just starting out.

When we act professionally, people take us more seriously. That’s just the way it is.

However, we probably don’t want to be as serious as this guy. There’s a definite balance between the two extremes.

Comments very much appreciated!

-Anna B.

He’s such a pro




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