Response to the “Article” – Montessori Madness Video

The “article” we’re supposed to read for tomorrow really intrigued me. 

I wanted to discuss my thoughts because I went to a public school, so I’m a little offended…. but then again my school wasn’t at all like the public schools out there. My school in Aspen, Colorado was extremely amazing and we would say that it was just like a private school, just public…

So it goes to say that not all public schools fit into this terrible, twinkle-in-eye-dimming category – but then again, stereotypes are general. My high school was small; we only had about 500 students Freshmen to Seniors. My senior class was about 132 people and I could still name 99% of them. 

I didn’t really know what else was out there in the ways of eduction and schools – besides what I’d seen and speculated from movies and TV shows and such. I was really interested in these Montessori schools, charter schools, etc that were strange/foreign to me. 

After watching this YouTube video, I am really excited to get out there and experience all the different ways schools are trying to better education in schools!

Thanks Jessee and Anna!


One thought on “Response to the “Article” – Montessori Madness Video

  1. Hey Tara!
    First off, I’m super excited that you’re excited. I’m looking forward to your comments tomorrow! =)
    Secondly, I just want to clarify that my intention from the video was not to attack public schools. I went to a public school in Aurora and I think it was a great school! I just happened across this video and, like you, had no idea that these existed. I find a lot of the things that the guy talked about in the video interesting and maybe even things that we can bring into our own teaching styles. I’m interested to see how we can, as a class, delve into some of these ideas and see where it takes us in our own classrooms.
    Thanks again for the blog post, made me happy.

    -Anna B.

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