Florence Crittenton High School

So I got the opportunity to go a luncheon with a few girls in my sorority for Florence Crittenton high school. For those of you who have no idea what this is, it is a high school for teen moms that is located in Denver and it is the ONLY school in the state of Colorado. This luncheon was absolutely amazing. It opened my eyes to so many things that I hadn’t seen before. I got involved with this organization through my best friends mom, who got pregnant at the age of 18 and her senior year of high school. Now, looking at her today, being one of the most successful executive accountants at ACM I would have never imagined that she was a teen mom, simply because of all the work and responsibility that women go through having a child at the age of 18. I do however, see why she is such a strong supporter of this school aside from the fact that she was a teen mom herself. The way in which this school is structured is like something I have never seen before. The girls have a full-time day care down the hallway where their children can stay while they are in school. They are allowed to go see their child, breast feed their child, and adhere to the needs of their child when necessary which is something that not a lot of teen mothers get the opportunity to have. This school opens so many new doors for these women and allows them to get the second chance that they deserve to have. I had the opportunity to meet with some of the teachers as well as some of the students that attend this school. Here is a picture from their luncheon event.

But what I really would like to talk about is how we as teachers would have to altar our teaching strategies to meet the needs of these teen-mom students. With students constantly in and out of the classroom, and emotions all over the place (more than that of a typical public high school classroom) we as teachers would need to change our teaching strategies to meet the needs of these particular groups of students. Being a female, I understand that being in an all girls high school would be extremely hard at times, So in order to work in a school like flocrit, it is important to remember to be patient. Many of the students you would be teaching at this school are currently pregnant, or recently gave birth to their child. They are tired, stressed out and most likely more concerned with their child at times than they are at figuring out how to do an algebra equation. But as much as emotions get in the way, they are all there for a reason. They all have the same dream and goal of graduating high school and doing better for their child. They want to be able to provide for their child while also move along onto a career. So as teachers we cannot doubt these students, we cannot get frustrated with them while they are crying over something that we see as silly. We can not allow constant movement in and out of the classroom become a distraction, but rather a classroom norm.

I think schools such as flocrit are extremely important for the success of these students. And whether or not you agree or disagree with teen pregnancy, these students deserve a second chance. The beautiful son or daughter that they have now is not a mistake, it is not something to frown upon. These children are a gift and although they may have their set backs at times, like any other child, their parents deserve to have a change to succeed and follow their dreams and aspirations. Here is a short clip on a girl who attends Florence Crittenton high school. There is now a 5 series show on the high school that TLC created that you can check out as well.





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