Do You Have What It Takes?

You’ve probably seen one in your own classes… A disinterested teacher. It’s easy to spot one: they will usually be standing or sitting at the front of the room with a big ol’ boring look on their face that says “I’d rather be doing anything but this right now.”

Mine was my third grade teacher. I don’t remember much of her, but I do remember the way she stood in front of the class. Every day she would slouch over her bright teal metal podium with the book laid out in front of her. Usually she would prop her head in her hands. She looked bored as hell. Which made us feel bored as hell. Although when I was in third grade I wouldn’t have put that thought into those specific words. It is sad to think that Mrs. Juno didn’t even know how her body language alone caused her students to be disinterested in her class, regardless of whatever content she had planned.

“It’s really hard to fake body language”, states Don Strankowski, a Career Coach. This morning he showed Fox 31 Denver how non-verbal communication is almost more important than the content of one’s words. Of course, Strankowski’s focus was on job interviews, but this is a very important lesson for teachers too.

Strankowski says that it takes 3 seconds to create a first impression and 30 seconds for it to “dry like resin”. This is true for students as well. And if students are turned off by their teacher’s negative body language, then they too are less likely to be pumped up about the lesson.

So what does this tell us as future teachers?

Be lively! Be energetic and active! Our students will mirror our own attitude in the classroom. I remember having teachers who would sing and dance around the classroom and to this day I still remember the lessons they taught. Their interest sparked my interest and I considered them to be “star teachers” for that. It is so easy to become a favorite teacher among students purely by not by being boring!

Don’t forget it


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One thought on “Do You Have What It Takes?

  1. margotgirerd says:

    I realized today that this is one of my biggest pet peeves… not just with teachers though. Whenever anyone around me looks disinterested or bored by what I’m saying, I immediately shut down and it’s as if my mind goes on a break for a bit, and I can’t even finish my thought because I’m nervous about being ignored again. Whenever I’m bored with what someone has to say, I try really hard to pretend I’m interested, because I don’t like being rude. I usually don’t continue the conversation, because I don’t want to lead the person on in the conversation or anything… But it bothers me when people are so disrespectful that they can’t even hide their true emotions when someone is talking. On the other hand, sometimes I notice in my classes that when certain people talk a lot… other people’s reactions are SO funny! I think as long as the person talking doesn’t realize it’s happening… it’s all good 😀

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