Final Paper Frustration… and Also Alliteration

I can’t rally say that i have experienced any reasonable amounts of frustration with the final paper assignment yet, because i haven’t really devoted enough time to the process to experience any real frustration. Once i actually sit down and devote a decent amount of time to thinking about the project, i know that the frustration will come along with it. I’m used to these feelings because any final project or assignment (or any project or assignment really) comes along with these feelings. Once i navigate my way through these feelings of annoyance and confusion I’m usually able to find productivity through the frustration. How many times can i say the word frustration? PLenty of times.

Frustration. I know that this project will be worth while, and i know that in the end i will create something that will b helpful, and also, more importantly, something that i will be proud of. Just finding the motivation to get to this point is where im currently finding my struggle. While i write about these feelings, i can feel my motivation slipping further and further away. It has absolutely nothing to do with this project in particular, so no offense Dr. Garcia, i’m just at the point in the semester where my determination is as fleeting as all of the trends on twitter. This semester is especially lacking because my mind has already begun wandering the cobble stone streets and the gloomy bridges of Prague, where i will be studying next semester!  


Unreasonable frustration.

Unreasonable and unwarranted frustration.

But Frustration that i know will lead to productivity and a final project that i will be proud of.

So let the actual reasonable frustration begin!


About alexdenu

Senior english major at Colostate University. Publishing, self-publishing, e-books, OCR corrections, reading, lit analysis etc.

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