Happy Halloween Everyone!


Last night a cooking group of mine made candy sushi and watched “Hocus Pocus.”


This is a perfect Halloween movie that isn’t all about blood, guts, gore, suspense. It’s the beautiful movie from 1993 that we can all laugh at because of the “good” special effects and the silly 90s fashion.

‘Tis the holiday season and Halloween has a lot of opportunities we can use as teachers. In my classroom, I would like to have students write scary stories, or do genre projects that involve Halloween. I think the more involved and spirited you are when it comes to holidays, the more fun your students have with it, and hopefully it will create fond memories for them. I know many students have already spent elementary school doing the same arts and crafts since kindergarten, but I’m thinking stuff that is mentally involving.

I know that a lot of teachers who are genuinely involved with their students and who show enthusiasm for assignments and subjects, their students feed off of their energy and add to it.

If you all have ideas, or recall any fun activities you did in class, or even any ideas you would have your students do revolving around Halloween (or holidays in general), share them! Comment away!




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