Inside and Out

So today was interesting for me. I met with Derek Decker, a extremely good Colorado State faculty member and he helped me on creating a lesson plan on a story I was having a hard time on. Now i know most of you are probably thinking “whats the big deal?” right….well the big deal is that he is not currently my teacher this semester, nor have I had him in any of my classes here at CSU. What I find really remarkable, is that after a friend suggested that I e-mail him to get some help on a lesson plan, (a friend who currently has him in class) he responded, within 10 minutes and said that he would be more than happy to meet with me and help me out. I honestly thought that was the SICKEST THING EVER. First of all, I am trying to make a point on how freaking awesome it is for him to take an hour and a half out of his day to help a student who isn’t even in one of his classes succeed.

We spent about an hour breaking down lesson plans and creating learning objectives and finding standards. He worked extremely hard in helping me do the best I can on an extremely complex and difficult story that this teacher asked me to present to the class. He proceeded to lend me a book that he owns to check out some of the worksheet and learning strategies to utilize and use during my class.

I think that this is extremely important. No, not to lend your book to people, or to trust that you are going to get that book back, (especially from a high school or middle school student). But what I am trying to say is that it is important to make sure that we take the extra time out of our day to help all of our students. We need to let them know, over and over again, that we are there to help them succeed. that we chose this profession to help them achieve their goals and set them up to get there. Show students that you are willing to take extra time outside the classroom to help them on an essay, to help them understand figurative language or whatever it is that they need help on. As important as it is to be affective inside the classroom, it is just as important to be affective outside the classroom.


Just a thought. [:


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