One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish…uh oh Fish

There was a fish emergency in my household this evening. The fish tank in our living room broke open and spilled everywhere, and the poor fish inside were on the carpet flopping for water. My roommates and I turned into the fish Red-Cross and saved every single one–luckily, there were no casualties. So, several hours of cleaning later, and a desperate (and expensive) trip to PetsMart to replace the tank, I’m now sitting down to study, blog, and do homework.

Now, the fish emergency really did’t have much to do with my blog post tonight–it was just funny and a weird way to spend my night, picking up almost-dying fish from the soaked carpet. The only thing interesting about it was that I was reminded of the kid’s book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” and how much I loved it when I was little. It was one of those books in my childhood that helped me learn words and how to read. That and then the “Bernstein Bears” when I was a little older. My third genre paper is going to be a children’s book–and I want it to be a big metaphor. You know that Dr. Seuss book “The Star Belly Sneetches”…I’m totally inspired by it. Because it’s symbolic for popularity and acceptance in society, and how easily it can turn. I want my book to kind of be like that. Now, I can’t be as good as Dr. Seuss–nobody can, I don’t think–but I have a few ideas stashed away that I could use for this book.

What I’m asking you guys to help me come up with creative names. The story will take place in a galaxy where you can travel from planet to planet, and each planet will have its own “problem” (for example, one planet will have a group of little creatures that live in terror of the “big red monster” that lives in the cave in the center of the woods. And this will all parallel to bullying in schools and how students live in fear of the bully coming out and picking victims). The main characters (I’m picturing twin brother and sister of some sort of creature) will be different from all the places they visit, but figure out a way to help all the creatures on every planet they visit. Ultimately, when they return home, they see the “problem” in their own planet and they figure out a way to save the day!

What should all the creatures be called? I’m not Dr. Seuss–I can’t come up with names like Sneetches or the Lorax. Any ideas? Or names for the main characters? Also, have any ideas to contribute to this project? I’m not planning on this being a group project, but I figured I could incorporate ideas from my classmates and put it all together. I’d love your help, guys!

See you all tomorrow,



One thought on “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish…uh oh Fish

  1. Hey Natalie!
    So your fish story had me laughing out loud. I could just picture this happening in my head and I found it immensely funny. Anyways…
    I think that a children’s book is a fantastic idea! Your idea of story definitely has a very Odyssey type feel to it. Maybe you could play off of that a bit? It might be hard but having that classic literary allusion might help students with learning literature as well! Just an idea =)

    -Anna B.

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