Keep Calm


I made that meme! HOLLA! Probably because that’s how I feel right about now… somebody shoot me. I have at LEAST 2 papers and some sort of test due each week until the end of the semester. Somebody, throw me a pity party?

But for reals. I was inquiring about a certain subject. Did I already give it away? How about I give a few more clues: Jesus, Bible, church, sunday school, mass, communion, prayer… are you catching on? Ding ding! RELIGION! yay. Sometimes I hate that word, people tend to associate it with bitter things, that word can SOMETIMES leave a bad taste in peoples mouth. Is that why it’s a touchy subject it school? It’s just TOO controversial? TOO out there? TOO offensive? TOO many different views? Not popular? Not cool?

Don’t mistake me… I’m not slamming religion. I’m not, I call myself a Christian actually and would like to think I live by my beliefs. Anyways. I’m wondering why it’s becoming a topic that schools steer clear from. Maybe not all schools do, but my HS did, the school I observed at this summer did, and the school I currently work at does. I have yet to be proven wrong (which I don’t mind happening, at all). How far is too far in the classroom? 

I had a teacher one time make her beliefs about politics, religion, and so on, very clear to the class. She didn’t really shove it down our throats by any means, but none of us felt like we could voice our opinions very much after that day. As teachers, how do we keep our own personal morals and beliefs out of the classroom? Its a real subject, and we MIGHT all encounter it one day. Weather we all have a religion or not, we do all have some sort of conviction on SOMETHING, right? I’d like to think society still has a moral compass SOMEWHERE hiding in the dusty attic. … actually, probably not. 

I’ll tell you a quick story. The other day at work (it really is work.. their HW questions are hard!) a student came up to me and was telling me about some drama in her life with another boy in the classroom and 2 other girls. She tells this story about “making out and… stuff” and how after, the guy left her for this other girl in the classroom. They all ride the same bus, that’s how she knows he actually “cheated” on her and THEN left her… apparently talk goes around quickly on those buses. She was so upset and so angry. Wanting revenge by doing “stuff” with his friend. She’s what? like 13? I’m 20 and I even know that’s a low blow… on both sides. She asked me advice. I didn’t know what to say, what was really appropriate. I told her that revenge will probably just swing back in her face twice as hard, and left it at that. But what I REALLY wanted to tell her was that that kind of heartbreak isn’t necessary, that throwing yourself at guys just to piss people off will only hurt YOU in the end, that “making out and stuff” at 13 just isn’t the best road to start on… I felt a slew of other things but I don’t want to sound preachy. 

How does this tie into religion? I’m not sure… but I feel like it does. Maybe because my morals and personal convictions come from my own spiritual walk and thats why I feel like they are related. Even if I didn’t believe in anything, Im sure i’d still see a line between right and wrong… but how do you share that??

Does anyone get what I’m saying? I really do care if no one does, or if it sounds confusing or misleading. Its a concern of mine, really. Especially if I plan on being a safe place for my students. When it comes to stuff like this, I have no clue where the line is. If there even is one, it sure is blurry.



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