The worst teacher I ever had part II

Through-out my schooling I’ve encountered a lot of different personalities with my teachers (as I’m sure you all have deduced from my blogs).  The cool thing about this is that by the time I reached high school I had encountered so many different ridiculous and most times god awful teaching styles, that by the time I reached high school you could have given me a monkey for a calculus teacher and I would probably be able to do just fine.  However amidst all though teaching styles there was one that I was never able to deal with.  I’m you’ve all had one of these teachers before, the kind of teacher that will make even the most exciting topic as stimulating as the six hour drive through Kansas.  They are never bearable, and the say I am able to stay focused for the entire class period will be the day pigs fly.  Unfortunately I have had way too many of these teachers throughout my career however there is one of these teachers who sticks out more than any other.  His name was Mr. Geonoso, and worst of all, he was my sophomore year government teacher.

The first thing that you need to know about this guy is that he taught the worst subject possible for his type of personality.  US government is already a pretty boring thing to learn about without a monotone 60 year old war vet droning on about how he got pulled over on the way to work in the morning with a samurai sword in the back seat of his car.  He was funny guy but like I said, extremely boring.  I think I heard more about that guy’s ridiculous stories from working in a mental institution than I learned more about government.  Sure he taught us, but it was pretty much the bare minimum.  I swear that his lesson plan looked something like this: 15 minutes of lecture, then useless babble about something completely unrelated for the last hour and fifteen minutes.  The worst part about his government class, it was at 8 in the morning.  Nothing is worse than that kind of teacher that early in the morning for a teenaged high school student.  Seriously the entire time spent in his hot stuffy classroom, my eyelids felt like they had a 100 pound dumbbell attached to the end of them.  A nice guy but that late in his years it was pretty hard for him to relate to his students.  Learn from this man, don’t be that kind of teacher.


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