What bucket lists, ‘are you afraid of the dark’ and Childish Gambino all have in common.

Apparently, kids have no idea what any of the three are. The childish gambino thing just indicates bad taste (i have had too many conversations about skrillex and the beibs with my 7th grade 350 class) but the other two are apparently outdated.

yes, bucket list is outdated. I asked the kids in my 350 class (more info in the corresponding blog i just posted) (i totally forgot to do blog posts until this very moment in time, sorry for the adjacent ones) to write down on a post it note one thing that was on their bucket list.

blank stares.

“bucket list?” the little monkeys cried, “bucket list?!”. literally no one knew, so unhelpful me said, “yeah, what you wanna do before you croak.”

whoops. because, honest to God, here are the answers i got. i’ll start with the normal kids, who got the concept and wrote what they want to do before they die. and let it  escalate and let you, dear reader, see that the kids didn’t catch that it doesn’t mean what they want to have happen AS THEY ARE DYING.

*go to paris

*go to a dolphins game

* see one direction

* move to canada

* go to italy

*see the beatles (?)

* break a record

* skydive


* skydive without a parachute

* cliff dive into a cliff without a net

* get stabbed in the back

* get eaten by a shark

* go anti skydiving (be shot into the air like with a cannon. and with no parachute because this is ANTI skydiving, obviously)

* kill someone evil but then have the building explode

* and lastly, my personal favorite, get “assassingnated”

if this, and the fact that i don’t KNOW WHAT A ONE DIRECTION IS, isn’t a sign that we are hopelessly old to these kids, i don’t know what is.

3 thoughts on “What bucket lists, ‘are you afraid of the dark’ and Childish Gambino all have in common.

  1. bonnetnicholas says:

    This has nothing really to do with your posts, but I just wanted to say that I can tell just from reading your titles which blogs you write on our class page.#thatsjusthowsheroles

  2. bonnetnicholas says:

    Oh, and apparently one direction isn’t a road sign like I thought it was…it’s a boy band. 0.o

  3. tealanaronn says:

    Haha. Yeah, it is a boy band! I just recently saw them on the front of a magazine, so I am guessing that it what the kid was talking about.

    This post made me laugh. It is hard to believe that they don’t know terms like ‘bucket list’.

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