The Power of Introverts

I think that when we talk about the “ideal student,” more often than not, we picture the outspoken, social, extroverted leader. Susan Cain talks about the value of introversion and the need to find a balance that includes a blend of introverts and extroverts. How can we adapt our classrooms to meet the needs of both? How can we adapt as teachers to foster positive growth for not only introverts and extroverts, but also everyone in between?


One thought on “The Power of Introverts

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Everything that she says is very true and it makes you think about the teaching methods that we are being taught to use. How will these methods effect our introverted students? I think that it, once again, reminds us that all students are different and there needs to be options and flexibility in our lesson plans.

    Thanks again!
    Anna B.

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