A Post to Lighten Your Mood

There are approximately 10 days of school left until Fall Break! And do you know what that means?

An opportunity to make a fun blog post counting down to break!

Within the next two weeks there will be:

20 cups of coffee

19 hours of sleep

18 pages of written essays

17 ten-minute naps in the middle of class

16 checks of the calendar to see how many days are left

15 flashes of hatred toward your teachers

14 packages of ramen noodles

13 moments of “I shouldn’t have procrastinated!”

12 moments of “Whatever, I’ll take a C”

11 times to convince yourself you know the answer

10 pages of notes

9 days of work

8 showers

7 projects due

6 cravings for turkey and stuffing

5 major exams

4 all-nighters

3 moments of pure desperation

2 prayers that your grades won’t reflect your lack of time management

And 1 shed of joyful tears for break to finally be here!
Let the countdown begin!

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