Diary of “Meh” feeling student…

So as I have fallen 4 or 5 blog posts behind, I figured it was time to explain my lack of blogging.

I guess you could say I have been feeling like this:




And truthfully, I have no idea why. I guess the inspiration just hasn’t been there lately and I wonder if this has happened to any of you. What do I do? What do teachers do when they feel this way?

Aren’t we supposed to be these wildly creative creatures that get our students inner flame burning brightly? What if I don’t have an inner flame myself. I feel like a flame that is losing oxygen and slowly burning out…

…no, I am pretty sure my flame is gone. Meh. I need a muse! I need inspiration. ARRGHGHH.


Perhaps this is the answer: 



I just want to feel like this again:




so that I am like this:






One thought on “Diary of “Meh” feeling student…

  1. bonnetnicholas says:

    You should do this for your blog posts more often! I have been feeling the same way lately. You know how a flame keeps trying to burn on, but will sputter and cough when you flick drops of water at it? That’s how I feel about pretty much everything right now. I’ve been asking myself if I’m cut out for all of this teacher stuff. If I can’t even come up with a few words to say about education every week, am I failing during this prep phase?

    I feel like I’ve been taking in all these ideas, and concepts and some just clash so violently with what my visions of teaching are or were or some tense in between. My fears are eating at my confidence, and my inspiration/motivation to keep moving forward strongly and passionately. I hope this all will pass soon.

    I’m with you, Devyn. This stuff isn’t always easy. Because the blogs aren’t just words on a page. They are an assessment of where our mentality lies as future educators, and where that mentality is going.

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