Make yourself a priority!

Lately I have been feeling down in the dumps and kind of lacking inspiration as I mentioned yesterday in my picture blog post… and I think I have found somewhat a root to the problem.

I let myself fall to the bottom of my priority list. With papers to write, tests to take, students to appease, lessons to learn, jobs to be attended and a social life to fulfill, I let myself fall to an almost non-existent spot on my priority list. Why bring this point to attention you ask?

BECAUSE…as future teachers we’ll be putting everything but ourselves first like our students primarily, followed by all the obligations we have as educators. We might not give ourselves the treatment we need to be happy, healthy, and inspired teachers.

Sometimes you just need to do little things for yourself throughout the day, week, month, etc. to be YOU completely and entirely.

Stress is a huge part of our lives right now and forever will be and I think it’s important to take some time to share with all of you what I do to keep my insanity to perhaps inspire you OR to get feedback on what you do to keep calm and carry on. 🙂

Devyn’s Top Ten of Things to do when she wants to gauge her eyes out, feels uninspired, or just needs a break:

1. Bubble Baths! I recommend Dr. Teal’s Therapeutic Solutions Foaming Bath 🙂

2. Comfort FOODZ are consumed.

3. Baking- I do this…but with more clothes on..

4. Listen to my homegirl…Tay Swizzle. She gets me. I get her.


5. Pretending I do really important things on Pinterest.

6. I…ahem…release endorphins the good ol’ fashioned way…

7. RE-paint my nails fun/vibrant colors 🙂

8. Take a drive down to Greeley to see my best friend since the 4th grade! 

9. I put on my beard and suit and go for a walk


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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