i.e., alot of what i literally can’t wait to display in my classroom.

i hope this title made you puke when you read it. PUKE!

not really though. its my nice little segue into my post, which is

THE TOP FIVE THINGS I WANT TO PRINT AND DISPLAY IN MY CLASSROOM! all of these posters deal with the various errors in the title. and the last one is just rad.

5. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/irony

4. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/semicolon

3. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html


1. and….drumroll… posters like THIS one: http://www.wallsthatspeak.com/c=rSrq1F9SKk2MplgSgf7MHLUHA/popup.pl?product=EXCELLENCE_BENGAL&fl=pop_prod_images


That’s right, I want lots and lots and lots of posters of animals, doing awesome things, with irrelevant captions. It seems like my thinking is mirrored by most other teachers too, based on what I’ve seen growing up in the education system. But then, we’ve all had that classroom, that one classroom (or maybe many like it), that awful classroom that has dingy florescent lighting and no windows for some architecturally inexplicable reason; a classroom whose walls are covered in pictures of Garfield and comic sans comments on how to treat one another. I want a picture of baby tigers to be ironic, but this theoretical teacher means business. Based off some of the stuff I’ve seen, I seriously wonder if there is a classroompostersfromtheseventiesthatmakeyoufeeluncomfortable.com.

This got me thinking: I wonder if classroom design affects learning. I know that my favesies teacher in high school had Christmas- Sorry! Holiday- lights strung up throughout her classroom that she would turn on in addition to two floor lamps, and that made such a difference. It felt less like an English class being taught in a weirdo dimly lit cube and more like a coffee shop that we were required to attend and weren’t ever given coffee in.

And so I did what I do best when I don’t know something and googlized. There is a lot about how layout affects stuff, but I was lookin’ for design. And lo and behold! Some cool sites I found:















……. that’s right. There is basically nothing. There are some weirdo online games where you can drag and drop rectangles for the teacher that wants to feel like they are controlling a classroom even when they are not in a classroom, but beyond that, nada. So I tried again!

google thought my question was dumb.

and then again!

there we go! i even circled my favorite.

and i got this far and realized…. my foundation for this post might be really dumb.

really really dumb.

the dumbest i have ever done. because who cares if your classroom has christmashanakwanzakuh lights. who cares if you have a coldplay poster in the corner. who cares about your shag rug.

and i was one step away from deleting everything i typed and starting anew…but then i saw THIS.


kiiiinda weird


One thought on “i.e., alot of what i literally can’t wait to display in my classroom.

  1. bonnetnicholas says:

    I really like this post, Alot.

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