Life In Perspective

As I read many of the blog posts and relate to the feelings of stress, having zero time for self, and seeing no end to the piles of homework that needs to be done, I remind myself that I need to put life back into perspective.

I don’t know if you can relate to this, but many mornings I wake up and pray I didn’t have to do all the things I know the day will hold. Class, work, essay writing, studying for tests, never getting a moment to sit down… It’s so easy to feel bad for myself. I know many college students feel similar and we feed off of each other. We allow ourselves to fall deeper and deeper into a pit of stress, lack of motivation, and anger because it is easy to complain and complain and relate and tell each other it’s okay to feel this way.

But is it really okay? Do we give ourselves the excuse that being a college student automatically entails stress and the constant feeling of being overwhelmed? Or should we rethink this idea and gain a new, more positive perspective?

This video helped me to do this tonight. No, it is not related to education and no, it will not give you some great inspiration to be grateful for or work harder in school. But what it does is remind us that life is so fragile.

Here is this woman, falling in love with a man and a man falling right back in love with her. And then, quite suddenly, an accident. Brain damage is not an easy thing to understand. What would I do? What would anybody do? You mourn the loss of someone you knew, someone you loved dearly, although their physical presence still haunts you. And you move on. You find someone else that will make you laugh and have butterflies in your stomach and whisper, “I love you” in your ear. But she didn’t. She made a very different choice. This woman decided to live, for the rest her life, with a man with severe brain damage. Never asking anything in return, promising herself to life of servant hood. Beautiful. Perspective.

Tests? Homework? Work? School? Stress? Anxiety? How about being grateful! ☺ We get to go to school, gain an education, have Garcia as a teacher, and live, walk, breathe, normally. How blessed we are!

Making lists about what you are a grateful for is one of the best ways to gain new perspective on life! Try it!


One thought on “Life In Perspective

  1. fbleam says:

    Great post 🙂 It really brightened my day. I think one of the great things about becoming a teacher is that we will be put into perspective every single day, and that is what I am looking forward to the most. I was walking into the library last night complaining that I didn’t want to be there, and some other students had put up sticky notes everywhere with positive sayings. The first one I read was, “Don’t worry, be Happy!” Whoever wrote that THANK YOU! It’s the little things in life that we take for granted, especially being able to attend school and get an education. That is something I think every single college student tends to forget. Thanks for this post, I loved it 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!

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