Sexual Harassment

I know this topic probably seems…..well…. a little different from the election/tired/overwhelmed posts. (And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these. I just was losing my steam and had no inspiration. I didn’t blog at all last week because everything came crashing down on me all at once. (I did however make my own blog due to procrastination…. thanks Garcia for providing me with my new procrastination ammo. (Feel free to let me know what to change/what works well, etc. with my blog because I am planning on continuing blogging after this semester. Give me tips on how to improve/what I should continue with/all that jazz.))

As I was saying, I had to look through my little list of blogging ideas, and I still want to write about sexual harassment. I think it is a very tricky issue in schools because it can all come down to a “he said, she said” argument and that terrifies me. I never wanted to have a problem with any of my teachers because I looked up to them and didn’t want to even see a teacher of mine smoking because it would make them “flawed,” in my mind. 

As a teacher, I don’t want to ever have any issues with this because it’ll affect the rest of my life. But there’s such a problem with gray areas and certain situations that are hard to define as right or wrong. Then there are also those very clear cut bad moments or situations that we all just want to scream at people “What were you THINKING!?!!”

In my school, most of my teachers allowed us to call them by their first name. It had nothing to do with inappropriateness or disrespect. It actually made it easier to connect with most and want to be engaged. 


Some would argue that calling a teacher anything besides Mr./Miss/Mrs./Ms. is inappropriate and crosses a line. But I argue against that. Its a personal matter and I am not comfortable not knowing whats acceptable. 

I also had an 8th grade English teacher who was also our cross-country and track coach. He had a higher level of comfort with most of the students and felt comfortable joking with us. Acceptable or not? Most of my schoolmates would agree but a lot of people who don’t know the context wouldn’t understand and would probably say it’s inappropriate and not professional. 

Where’s the line?! Or is there a set of rules for specific school districts?

Please comment away!



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