Have you ever wondered what you’re going to do when the class pet just croaks one day? Have no fear! Read THIS blog and get a helpful idea of what you as a teacher can do to make this process easier. 


Happy Wednesday!



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  1. lindalynee says:

    Haha this post was hilarious. I have never though about what happens when the class pet dies. I think that it is pretty cool when teachers have class pets. It would be great for a middle school class room setting because I am sure that those students are dying to FEED the class pet. You could totally utilize it for class management. The most “well-behaved” student gets to feed Henry the Hermit crab. Or the student with the most creative narrative gets to go feed Stanley the snake some crickets or whatever. (do snakes eat crickets?) haha but seriously a classroom pet can be an easy classroom management tool. As long as it isn’t a pet that makes noise…then we might have an issue. You are about to teach a lesson and Fruity the frog wont stop “ribetting”….PROBLEM. but seriously. If that thing dies…..honestly just go buy a new one, try to find out as similar as possible. Its like when you house sit for someone, and the beta fish dies. You obvi don’t want to be THAT GUY who lets the one and only thing you and only thing you had to care for that week DIE…especially if you’re getting paid for it. Just take a quick trip over to Walmart…buy another red and blue beta and throw that thing in the fish bowl before the family gets home you know what i’m sayin!?? haha okay thats really bad. no one should probably ever do that. But great post Fairon…really fun to read.

  2. fbleam says:

    YAY thanks for reading!!! haha I was actually going to write at the end if all the above fails: go buy one exactly like it. no one will ever know. thanks for reminding me! see you tomorrow and thanks for reading!

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