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So I just got done reading this article….HERE. I went into it looking for some sort of motivation, something to make me feel better about myself as a student and get feedback from someone about how to be confident in my profession and that I am going to be a successful teacher. Because honestly right now, I feel like I might not be. Not because I am not passionate about helping kids learn and grow, but because I don’t feel like I know enough “stuff”. Like take our teacher for instance, Prof. Garcia. I listen to him lecture us and it seems like he literally knows every single famous and important professor, author, teacher, publication etc. in the entire world. The fact that he is friends with the suspenders guy (who I still can’t recall his name….a.k.a. proving my point) and has so much knowledge on famous bloggers and vloggers makes me extremely intimidated. I keep thinking to myself, if I cannot even remember the name of some important educational dude in one class period, how in the world am I going to get informed about all of the other famous and important people who defy education within our society. Like honestly, I may be having a minor panic attack here. And then I read this Princeton article, and it begins again. Clearly, they have a degree from Princeton….must I say that again…PRINCETON. They are at the top of the food chain for degrees as far as I am concerned…and he talks so much about luck and how he is so successful and how success is created through luck. Well, i’m sorry but I am 20 years old, I have gotten really good grades, I am somewhat athletic, I have a healthy family and wonderful friends, yeah I might be lucky. But as far as my career…what if I am not so “lucky” as he would say. I think there is a lot of pressure to be informed and educated on so many other people who educate and inform that it seems overwhelming to me. I feel like I need a book too study that reads:

The top 100 people you should know of before becoming a high school teacher

and I could read it every night, memorizing their basic arguments and studies so that I seem like I actually got an education and know what I am doing. I guess I am really intimidated that I am not doing the best I can, not studying enough people, not familiarizing myself with english journals etc. And I am going to sound really stupid and un qualified for my field.

NERVOUS! Let’s hope all of us have the same “luck” as that guy ^^. ;]


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