A Student is like an Online Dating Profile…

It’s the Thursday before break and, like many of my classmates, I can safely say that I am mentally, physically and emotionally fried. My overall settings seem to have been switched from manual into autopilot until further notice. So what’s a student like me to do on a dark (seriously it’s only 6) and chilly night? Not homework. So naturally, I began perusing the wanted ads on various dating sites.

Do I sound like a creeper yet?

I probably should explain. If there is one thing that I have learned from high school sleepovers is that going onto other people’s dating profiles is the surest way to put a smile on your face. For example…

20 year old “baddooor”‘s favorite thing is…

“the best feeling ever is when me and my partner is cuddling so hard under the blanket so we can warm each other.”

Then there’s “PBnJ303” who seemed to be quite specific in what he was looking for…

” I am looking for a short, cute girl that wants to spend time with me. She will be my best friend as well as my girlfriend. We need to communicate very well. We need to keep each other company and talk about everything and anything. Trust is extremely important. A girl needs to understand that she can tell me anything, no matter what it is. I want her to come to me for help or advice, or just to have someone to talk to. I am looking for a girl that has a cute laugh. She needs to be fun and full of life but knows where her heads at and knows when to be serious. She needs to be passionate in a relationship.”

Wow. Now there’s a man who knows what he wants.

And then my personal favorite…. a Craig’s List ad titled,

“Looking For One Discrete, Horny, Woman Over 50 – 65”

“I’m a married guy in an asexual marriage. I’m healthy, not just asymptomatic but medically tested and fine. I want a woman over 50 who is eager for some genuine, relaxed, intimate conversation and sincere, grinning squishy-squish.”

Squishy-Squish? Really? Well obviously the internet is full of people who are much creepier than me.

But as I was scrolling through the pages and pages of single (and some not so single) men and women, I began to notice a few things. Whether you intend to or not, your perception of this individual relies entirely on those first few stats on their page. It seems to act like a sort of mental checklist. Is he cute? Yes. Ok, click his picture. Does he smoke? No. Good. Eh, he’s super religious. NEXT. I’m sure that we all can agree that there is no way to understand a person in 300 words or less but yet we make split second decisions about their character based on these short stats.

When thinking of this, I can’t help but think of our students. Before we get to know them, these students are nothing but statistics to us. Johnny is below average in reading. Sally is proficient in writing. We don’t know their personal histories yet. We don’t know their personalities. And unfortunately, if we’re not careful, these initial statistical impressions can become the foundation of how we view them. Johnny is below average in reading can just simply turn into “Johnny is stupid and doesn’t pay attention”. I’m not saying that we will, but when approaching statistical information about an individual we do have to be careful. Statistics cannot define a person.

Unlike dating sites, we can’t just close the window. We can’t exactly opt out of the situation.

So just be careful to not judge a book by its statistics.

Comments much appreciated,

Anna B.


About spiffybanana24

I'm just an English Education student learning to take things one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “A Student is like an Online Dating Profile…

  1. shelbyjayy says:

    First off, I laughed so hard reading this!!! Goodness. I’ve also never thought of looking through the want ads on dating websites… but now I have a burst of curiosity to see what other strange things people say. On your more important note however, I do agree completely. I aso feel that maybe even knowing those “stats” we can quickly get irritated or feel frustrated with them when they are behind. Not like we don’t like kids who are “below average” (whatever that’s suppose to mean), I just know it can be an added stress when you’re already stressed. I know this because I feel like I was that student when I was in High School. The last thing I would ever want my student to feel is that I want to give up on them.

  2. mhuntzinger says:

    Saw this video the other day and it totally reminded me of your post! I think this is all just hilarious! But more seriously, you make a good point. I think that we need to try to understand who kids are. Not only do teachers sometime pre-judge students on their statistics, but I think sometimes teachers jump to conclusions about students’ appearances or actions in their classrooms. I often felt like teachers thought that I didn’t care about school just because I was shy and never talked in class much. This always frustrated me as a student. Also, a lot of times we don’t know what’s going on in students’ lives outside of school. I think it is extremely important to stay open minded and try and not form preconceived notions about our students.
    ~ Marie

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