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I wish I had something cool or creative to say and to post on here. I’ve been incredibly behind on my blogs anyways; right now is the first time im tapping into my creative box (in my mind of course) in, what feels like, 3 weeks. How unfortunate… Here I am with a major that was supposed to let me do all the things I love and dream about; writing, creating, using my favorite part of my brain. Instead, I’m stressing, I’m failing a 100 level science class, I’m behind for graduation, I have no clue what’s going on in half my classes, and most importantly, I feel like i’m loosing what I came here for. I came here to use my voice and to shout to the mountains! But if anything, the only voice of mine I’ve been hearing for the past few months is a groan, a sigh of frustration, a inside scream because if I dare let it out someone would think im being killed, facepalm after facepalm because of how much of an airhead i’ve been, and the occasional sound of me pulling my hair out… it seems like the only logical thing to do.

Sometimes I really just want to drop out of school and just go write a book and make it sell. Do what I love and ONLY what I love. Not all this side crap that I’m failing which is preventing me from doing what I came here to do!!!!!!! I’m really just pissed about it. I like to write, it’s the only thing I like to do and because of a bad science grade, and an F in an art history class, my GPA isn’t high enough to apply to STEPP. This is so lame. I hate school. I hate the system, and I hate “the man” whoever he is… he sucks.


I just wanted to complain for a minute or two. But it’s over now. 

I hope I NEVER make my students feel the way I feel right now. If I ran a college… It’d be da bomb. for reals.  wish there were universities out there that you could go to and just do everything you love, and you would never need to take a class that had NOTHING to do with what you wanted to be. Let’s get real, the measurement of a waves crest to another waves crest being the wavelength is TOTALLY going to help me teach what a compound sentence is. and last time I checked, I don’t plan on writing a science textbook in my future so I really don’t care what a wavelength is. Sometimes in class, This is how I feel :


I guess I wasn’t done complaining. 

… I think I am now though.


I found this on Pinterest (my second home) and it gave me a good laugh. It reminded me that sometimes that’s all I need to do. Just laugh it off. Laugh off how lame I think some of my classes are, laugh off the foul comment I overheard about teaching, laugh off the unnecessary amounts of homework due each week, laugh off the presentations, the bad paper rade, the stupid Eckman spiral. Just laugh it off. Laugh it off.


Poor kid.


One thought on “Blah blah bleh bkdhfkjhsaiufew

  1. tseyffert says:

    Shelby, I think we’re all feeling the stress and the pressure from pointless classes add up. I know I am certainly in a similar boat. All teachers pile things up for the last few weeks of class and then, all hell breaks loose because no one can handle it. I never want to be like this as a teacher and I definitely don’t want my students to go through unnecessary stress. We’ll be da best teachas eva, yo!

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