Remix! “A Red, Red Rose”

Following is the remix of the poem “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns. I attempted to write it without any figurative language! Enjoy!

O, My Love is a Woman

O, my love is a woman,

Our love has not gone on for long.

O, my love has a sweet voice,

And sometimes we sing a song!


You are pretty, my love,

In love with you am I,

And I will always love you,

Even if you cry.


Even if you cry, my dear,

And the world comes to an end,

I will love you always, my dear,

And to your heart I will tend.


We will have a great bond, my love,

A great bond for a while!

I will never leave you, my love,

And we will run the mile.


One thought on “Remix! “A Red, Red Rose”

  1. This is really neat!

    It got me thinking about how remixing might be a cool way to teach literary devices in the classroom.

    Thanks for sharing!

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