Hey Class,

So I have been so overwhelmed with school lately that blogs have kinda been thrown on the back burner…yikes. I think something important to think about around finals is to remember to breath once in a while. We need to remember that we can only work so hard. Do the best you can and thats all you can ask of yourself. I know these last two weeks have been extremely rough. I have like 2348238558 billion things hanging over my head. It can make you feel a little bit like this….


whatever that is…. HA! but seriously. i am sitting here with the grossest feeling in my stomach about all the stuff i have to do this week. I want to rip my hair out just thinking about it. So I think we should come up with ways to de-stress us….

Image is that even a word??

anyways, i think its important to try and get ourselves, (as well as our future students) ways to relax and push through. We need to believe that we can do it, and not overwhelm ourselves to the point where we feel like giving up. Here is a pretty SICK website that gives us ways to relax…and move away from the heart-attack stress level that most of us are at in this point in the year. CLICK HERE TO STRESS LESS!

As teachers, I think it is important to let our students know what a great job they have been doing this year…and how much they have learned this semester. I know in my classroom I will most definitely have a countdown in my room for ALL of the breaks. It helps give students leisure and keep themselves in check with how many more days they have left. I have realized that if I start a countdown to thanksgiving break it helps me work hard because there are only (enter number here) days left of school.

And during this stressful time of year…remember what our wonderful presi Tony said a couple weeks ago, “recognize that we’re heading into the
last half of the semester. This is a time when we typically see an
increase in the number of students coping with issues related to
academic and personal stress and anxiety. If you have concerns that
any of your friends or fellow students may be in distress and
needing help, we’ve set up a website — “Tell Someone” – that allows
you to share your concerns in confidence with people who may be able
to help. (http://safety.colostate.edu/tell-someone.aspx) As we head
into our last several weeks of fall and get closer to the holidays,
I ask that you look out for yourselves and each other and do your
best to stay rested, safe, and healthy.”

So stay healthy, try and stay positive, drink lots and lots (of COFFEE! come on guys what were you thinking??) and push through these last couple of weeks. Remember, we only have 20 schools days left (and depending on your finals maybe less!!) and 33 TOTAL DAYS LEFT until WINTER BREAK!!!! where we can do this…..




or maybe a little bit of this!!!

Image instead of …….Image and Image

which is what we have been doing ALL SEMESTER!!!


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  1. tseyffert says:

    Linda, I think we are all right there with you! I love how the last handful of posts are about stress, or not caring about blogging, or more stress for classes and such. I love the pictures and agree. Thanks for giving me a little chuckle while I stress about homework too. 🙂

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