Would love some input!!

So for my final project I am submitting my work to the Journal for Teacher Education. They are doing a special edition that asks for people to submit work on how to teach across the disciplines. Their main focus is how to teach Shakespeare… it’s like they knew what I wanted to do. BECAUSE i was planning on teaching kids Shakespeare through Harry Potter while using the OED as a supplement. This way they get to learn a rough subject through something they can relate to and enjoy. They also get to learn how to use the OED in the classroom. 

My question is this: what kind of research is needed for such a project? I feel a little lost. I need lots and lots of resources but mainly just research… I’m just not sure what kind would be best.

This whole project also sparks another thought of mine. I wonder if there are other ways to teach rough subjects. Shakespeare is so dry (that’s how I feel at least) that the more time that passes, the more and more disconnected students are going to feel from the subject. I feel like it’s important to keep up with times even when we are teaching students things from long ago. Other rough subjects could be grammer, or maybe even English for lots of kids, ESPECIALLY math (dryer than the dessert, sick). subjects that are hard to stay connected with, it’s important to keep students related to them. 

I’d love to hear ideas about my final project, and even what other subjects you all have thought could use some “housekeeping” 😉


🙂 This made me giggle because it happened to me just the other night. WORST. PAIN. EVER. 



One thought on “Would love some input!!

  1. Ok, so first off I think that’s a super awesome idea. You had me sold at Harry Potter. You’re right though, that does seem like it would be hard to do research on. Maybe look up ways that other people have incorporated HP into the classroom and you can adapt it to what you what? (I’m not sure why I put a question mark there. It’s not really a question). But I think the idea is super cool!

    Once you’re done with the paper you should totally post it, because I would love to do that in my class.
    Hope that helps,
    Anna B.

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