Confessions of a Grammar Snob

As I’m sure many of you know, being an English major somehow always make you the go-to person when it comes to grammar. My friends seem to think of me sort of like a walking, talking dictionary. Every time there is any sort of discrepancy grammatically, I become the deciding factor. I get asked to proofread essays and help my friends texts grammatically correct sentences to boys their interested in. Being the grammar guru honestly gets a little tiring. I have better things to do than keep my sorority sisters grammatically respectable! I get annoyed when I get asked to proof read things all the time, but on the other hand, I get really irritated when I see things like this…

This sign has been taped to the door of the bathroom stall ALL YEAR. Every time I go to the bathroom I am forced to look at this pathetic attempt at writing. EVERY TIME I can’t help but get a little frustrated at the amount of grammar mistakes on one sheet of paper. I mean, ever heard of punctuation? I know that it is only me that this really bothers in the house. It’s not that other people couldn’t pick out these mistakes, I’m just so much more aware of them. I am an English major, and it is my job to be aware of grammar. It’s all around you!

I try to explain it by convening myself that whoever wrote it was probably just in a hurry and wrote it quickly without giving it a once over for mistakes. That has to be it. And I don’t know who wrote it, but from the writing I tend to believe that it has to be someone who isn’t that smart. This is a terrible generalization to make, but unfortunately, this is a generalization that society tends to make. You make a grammar mistake on a job application? You’re probably not going to get the job. That’s life, and it’s blunt. Grammar can really make or break it for someone. And unfortunately, it has been my experience with my sorority sisters that grammar isn’t a skill that most people excel at.

So is it my job to constantly correct them? How much is that really helping them? Did they just forget everything they learned about grammar in school, or were they just not taught it sufficiently? Grammar is a skill that has to be taught. As future teachers, it is a job to make sure that grammar is taught effectively so that students will be able to retain and correctly use grammar rules even after they graduate high school. After looking at this paper EVERY DAY FOR THE LAST THREE MONTHS, I know that it will be forever engraved in my mind. And I know that when I’m a teacher I will be committed to making sure none of my students will ever produce this torture for other English majors.


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