That day Devyn was a super bitch…

Hmmm…this is by no means an apology or any sort of excuse for my blunt, bold and moderately bitchy behavior in class today.

What I would like to do is CLARIFY what I was thinking when some things fell out of my mouth today. meh more like jumped…


I guess I was upset with how many complaints were being brought up about having a “non-creative” project as a final.

First, this project CAN be creative if you let it be. Let’s not let the fact that we have to find a place to accept the creativity stop us from being as creative as we want to be.

Secondly, let us remember that we are in college and this class, that is a COMPOSITION course, could have been a lot worse. For God’s sake, the majority of our homework consists of writing blogs and tweeting and making up random creative projects about education! Do not mope around because you actually have to research something and come up with something publishable.

Thirdly, a teacher who is able to teach multiple ways of writing is going to be more valuable to his/her students. SO…if you are not willing to learn and write in these multiple ways of writing, then why are you here? It’s not about YOU anymore. YOU are trying to better yourself for your future STUDENTS….it doesn’t matter if you hate research papers, or whatever kind of written assignments. You do them to get practice for the future- the future which doesn’t revolve around blogging.

Fourthly, Garcia mentioned today that sitting in these chairs is a privilege. And although I do agree this is true, I also think of my college education as a blessing. I was blessed to be granted students loans and was blessed to be accepted into an out of state college. I think maybe, in light of the upcoming holiday, we should all step back and be thankful for what we have in our lives and realize that this project is truly insignificant in comparison to the vast concept of life. Let us be thankful for education, for all-nighters in the library, for non-multiple choice tests, for 20 page research papers, and for projects that aren’t letting you be creative enough.


I know this blog may piss you off or make you think that I am even more of a bitch than you thought, BUT if there is one thing I want you take away, it’s that you should just be grateful that you have the life you have and you should make the best of it before you rot and parish. That is all. thanks for reading.




One thought on “That day Devyn was a super bitch…

  1. margotgirerd says:

    Devyn- I want to thank you for writing your post and being the so called “super bitch” you were on Monday. I admire your bravery. Sometimes, things really bother me and I usually just complain about them to close friends, but you are unafraid to have your voice heard, or write blog posts about your thoughts. I agree with pretty much everything you said. I have enjoyed this class because it wasn’t about writing papers and when we were given the final assignment, I will admit that I freaked out and took full advantage of using the final day to hand in my proposal. BUT- like you said, this project CAN be creative if we want it to, and that is what I decided to do with mine. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone and I look forward to you “bitching out” again.
    A bientot!

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