The Teacher Face

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2 thoughts on “The Teacher Face

  1. devymon says:

    Oh Amy, you will get one! In fact, I think you have one, BUT you just can’t help but break into smile. I am sure that a student will piss you off enough one day though and it will just come, ever so naturally. 🙂 If you want, we can work on some teacher faces together… I am kind of a bitch…SEGWAY go read my blog post haha

  2. ESteward747 says:

    Amy, I’ve always thought about this too. How do we master the teacher face? Yesterday I was observing a high school classroom and noticed that whenever the teacher gave her students “the look”, all their butts were whipped into gear. Seems like a great tool. I assume that our teacher faces will become us when we are continuously annoyed and fed up with our students…a feeling we may not have yet experienced!

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