There are More Important Things

After today’s class discussion I find that there are a lot of thoughts flying around in my head. Thoughts about my personal education, my role as a future educator, and really just thoughts about life in general. Basically, I’ve got blog material for  a while now. But for now I’d like to follow one particular thread of thought. Follow me down the rabbit hole?

I had to throw in Morpheus…

One of the (many) things that was talked about today in class was our need as students to have structure. This reminded me of the Montessori video that Jessee and I facilitated a few weeks go.

They make one particular point in the video about how energetic children with an inherent love of learning turn into young adults beaten down by structure. They don’t create or invent. They just simply produce to get the grade. There’s a lot of factory imagery coming in here. Argue all you want but the obsession over grades that I’ve seen from my students as well as my peers (myself included) has me whole heartedly agreeing with this observation.

When does school start becoming a chore?

From my experience, things like grades and GPA are just simply stepping-stones to get you where you want to be. They don’t define you; they don’t control you. Classes should be about learning, broadening horizons, and finding out what you like. Of course this is a little bit of me being idealistic but hey, a girl can dream.

I’ve found that the key to not stressing over grades is to focus on some part of the class that you find interesting. See it as an opportunity to learn instead of a necessity. Once something becomes less of a chore and more of something enjoyable or interesting, things will fall into place (including grades).

So take a deep breath, relax and don’t focus on the grade. Grades are a side effect of learning, not the desired result.

Until next time,

Anna B.

“Me!” said Hermione. “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things–friendship and bravery and–oh Harry–be careful!”




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