Thoughts from Class Yesterday

I think this blog might end up being a little ranty…

After leaving class yesterday, I was feeling a little upset. And after reading through some of my classmates’ blogs, I think there was a mutual feeling of uneasiness about some aspect or another discussed in class yesterday. Overall, I would consider the class discussions yesterday successful because I think they really got everyone thinking about their role in education. We focus so strongly in all our classes on our future roles as educators, but I think sometimes we forget that we are all still students too. I think that it is important not to forget what it’s like to be students when we become educators. Our class yesterday really made me focus on the fact that, yes, I am getting extremely close to having a teacher role (only one more year!), but right now I am still a student. And really, I guess that’s what I should be focusing on.

Thinking about whether it’s more important to focus on moving up the pillar (getting good grades, being successful, ect.) or to actually live your life is a difficult thing. Everyone likes to tell you that the most important thing in life is to be happy, but how do you achieve that? They say…oh have fun! And…don’t let life pass you by! Do everything you can when you’re young and able to! Only we’re not able to. Yes Garcia, it is a huge blessing that we have the opportunity to get an education. But honestly, being in school right now makes doing anything outside of school work pretty damn impossible. When you spend nearly every minute outside of class doing homework, save eating and sleeping, there isn’t really a lot of time to “have fun” or “not let life pass you by”. To me, there doesn’t seem to be the option of being successful and enjoying life. Sorry it seems a little bleak, but chose one or the other.

I might be being a little over dramatic, but this is how it feels right now. This is absolutely the worst time of the semester because there are a million and one things left to do and only a few weeks left to do them in. I’m a little upset that instead of having fun with my family and friends over fall break I will be stuck doing projects and writing papers. I think that’s enough to make anyone bitter. And really that’s a great example of the “chose one”. I can either enjoy life, spending time with my family and flunk out of school or I can get good grades and sacrifice my break. Looks like I’m going to have to chose the latter.
I’m not sure what the point of little rant about despising school right now has to do with anything. I feel completely horrible and hypocritical about hating school and wanting to be a teacher too. I guess I hope that I can just remember what it was like to be a student when I’m a teacher and try to give my students some time to live life rather than whittle away their life doing pointless school projects.


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