When Devyn uses profanities on blogs…

I have been looking through all my past blogs and have noticed a rather interesting trend in my blogs.

It’s like this:



And then I thought a lot about what is and is not inappropriate for this blog and perhaps even the classroom.

I came to the following conclusion:


and I don’t know if people react like this:


or don’t give a shit


or perhaps they are appalled and pissed that I get away with such foul language…


or hell, maybe they think it’s the bomb dot com…


Whatever the reaction, I just want to say that I am doing this…


…because personally I do NOT feel obligated to silence my personality through a censored voice. I know and acknowledge the repercussions of cursing in the classroom with my students, and it’s not like I’ll be like this…



and I hope all of you realize that. I am not blogging with filters because I don’t want my voice to be lost within them. I am not here to tip toe around what I really feel like saying. If this blog some how follows me to my career and bites me in the ass, then so be it….I wouldn’t want to work at a school that is fastened on the concept of sensitivity anyway.

I want to pursue personas like the following teacher characters…



I know in my heart and mind that I am going to be one hell of a teacher and I am confident that my cursing in a few blog posts isn’t going to change that fact. I am who I am and when I am aged and wise with saggy boobs…I know students will come back to me and say, thank you.


In conclusion, I would like to sum up the blog in Devyn-like fashion. Farewell 🙂



One thought on “When Devyn uses profanities on blogs…

  1. alasamy says:


    Let me begin by telling you that personally appreciate your blog posts. I feel like they are always very honest. It takes a lot of courage to be as unapologetic about who we really are as you seem to be and I think that is wonderful! While I wouldn’t be as blunt or use as many expletives as you do in your writing and speaking, I think that in the contexts that you are addressing- this blog, this class, and your personal life, it’s totally valid. Your personality really shines through in each of your blog posts. It seems like you are very aware of the fact that future employers might see one of these blog posts and they might not like it. You seem to have an idea of the type of environment that you want to work in; you’re okay with the fact that not everyone is going to like it. Knowing that about yourself in the first place suggests to me that you also have an idea of what type of environment that you want in your classroom. I envision you in a classroom where it will be okay to speak freely and honestly about texts, current events, personal lives, etc. That’s not to say you’d allow your students to throw around the f-bomb or that you’ll be using expletives when you are teaching, but I think it says that you know what type of community you want to be building in your classroom.

    That being said, it’s important to be aware of the fact that it’s not just the principals or HR reps from the schools you might work at that will be looking for things like this blog. We’ve all googled, facebooked, and twittered Dr. Garcia (Nick even wrote a blog about facebook stalking him). Our students might one day be bored enough to find this blog and make assessments about us based on what we wrote when we were 20 and had no idea what we were doing yet. Is something like that going to present a problem in your class or throw off the dynamic between teacher and student that you desire? If you are confident that if that were ever to happen, you’d just deal with it and move on (and I’m definitely confident that you would), then write on, but know the where the line between “your voice” and “being vulgar” lies.

    Clearly, I am a fan of your writing. I think you are very relatable and…well, like I said, honest! For the record, even without the cuss words, your personality is very clear because of the way you write, the things you write about, and the conversational and relatable tone your blogs take on. They would be just as “Devyn-esque” even if you took out all of the shits, damns, and hells. =)

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