Where were you on September 11th?

Today as I perusing my daily feed of news I came across some thing interesting. A friend of mine on Twitter was talking about signing some petition for Colorado to secede. At first, I was confused. A few Google searches later I came across this article about states threatening to secede after Obama’s election. Now I’m not normally one to get involved in politics. I think that almost always discussing politics is pointless and leaves people with more hurt feelings than anything good, but I find that reading about this disgusts me. I don’t think I will hold my tongue on this one.

According to reports, states are threatening to secede because people are unhappy with Obama’s reelection. Okay. Fair enough. Every person is entitled to their opinion but it is the method that they are going about it that is wrong.

So you want to leave America because you hate the president who has to leave the office in 4 years. You want to leave America because you believe that things just aren’t working out the way that YOU want them to. It sounds like a three year old child who throws a tantrum when they don’t get their way. It sounds like a moody teenager who threatens to leave the house because they have to follow their parent’s rules. Do you see a pattern here? It’s childish.

But that’s not what bothers me the most. Earlier this week we celebrated Veterans Day. Everyone tweeted and facebooked about how much they appreciate our vets and how they deserved so much, but apparently that attitude was quickly forgotten. For centuries our soldiers have fought for the freedoms that we are privileged enough to enjoy. Everything we have, we have because these people have put their lives on the line for us.

Why did they do it? They did it because they love our country. They did it because they love the freedoms that our country stands for and our commitment to justice. They did it so that EVERY person can have a voice in our government. This means being able to vote.

We are the UNITED States of America. We stand together or we don’t stand at all. Who are you to jeopardize this just because you didn’t get the president that you wanted? When did we become so divided?

What happened to the feelings of unity and pride in our country when this moment happened just this past summer?

Who didn’t feel proud to be an American during this moment?

Or how about this?

And then there was this moment. The moment that shocked us all.

Without a doubt this event fundamentally changed every single American. I can still remember vividly where I was and what I was doing when those planes crashed into the towers. I remember feelings shocked, angry, saddened and this intense feeling of rage. But no matter how much I felt I couldn’t even imagine what those people who were involved felt. 9/11 crushed and terrified us, however, it was in that event that we saw the best in people.

From the ashes of the twin towers America rose up. Military, firefighters, policemen, civilians, every single American pulled together to help each other. Despite this horrible event and all of the hatred that it was born from, people still found ways of compassion, love and unity. I believe that this is the best things about America. This is what I’m proud of.

It is amazing to me how quick people are to forget this. Love and compassion turn into pointless squabbles over Big Bird and a never ending stream of mud-slinging. Unity turns into division and an unwillingness to connect with people who believe differently from ourselves. Pride in our country and our soldiers turns into hateful words spoken behind a computer screen. It’s petty and insignificant.

So I say to those states threatening to secede, remember who has protected you. Remember who has given you this freedom to speak your mind. You aren’t just born with this privilege, others have FOUGHT and DIED so that you can have it. To turn around and threaten to leave if you don’t get your way is spitting in the face of all of these people. It’s selfish. It’s childish. But most of all, it’s disgusting. America isn’t perfect by far, but it’s the best we have.

I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. Who I voted for doesn’t matter. I am an American. That is all that is important.

-Anna B.

I am a strong individualist by personal habit, inheritance, and conviction; but it is a mere matter of common sense to recognize that the State, the community, the citizens acting together, can do a number of things better than if they were left to individual action. -Teddy Roosevelt



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2 thoughts on “Where were you on September 11th?

  1. tseyffert says:

    Anna, thank you so much for addressing this.To think that people are throwing this much of a fit over not having the president they want is pathetic. I don’t want to deal with politics either, but this is just sad. We’ve been the UNITED States for hundreds of years. Are we really shallow enough to throw a fit about it and threaten to succeed just because of a political/presidential issue. For crying out loud, no one was this whiney when Bush was in the office for eight years! I think people need to understand politics and the role of the president before they throw a hissy fit. The president isn’t a dictator. There are other people you can elect to represent you in the Senate and House.
    I really appreicate your thoughts on this issue!

  2. ESteward747 says:

    Its the beginning of the end. Maybe 12-21-12 is truth!

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