Books to Movies

So is it just me, or have a lot of books been made into movies lately? Every time I go to movie theater lately I see a new preview for yet another beloved book being made into a major motion picture. And I’m not talking about Harry Potter or Twilight or any other sissy books. These are actually great pieces of literature! You’ve got Cloud Atlas, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Life of Pi, Les Misérables, The Great Gatsby, On the Road, and Anna Karenin. And that’s just some of them! I’ve seen countless pins on Pinterest captioned “books to read before they become movies!” It seems to be quite the fad recently.

I like to think that I read fairly widely and it’s true that I have read around eighty percent of these book to movie conversions. This, however, makes me a little apprehensive to see the movies… My mom has been telling me as long as I can remember, always read the book before you see the movie because the movie is never as good! And she’s always right. The first book to movie combo I was ever exposed to was Tuck Everlasting. I remember reading it in one of my elementary school classes and we took a class field trip to see the movie in theaters as it came out that same year. I can remember being so excited going into the theater and so completely disappointed leaving. My mom was right; the book is never as good as the movie. The continuance of my book reading/movie view experiences has lead to the same conclusion. There’s A Clockwork Orange, Into the Wild, Sherlock Holmes, The Time Machine, Fight Club (now this is a great movie, but I still would argue that the book is a hundred times better!) the list goes on and on. The only movie that I would say is better than the book is Twilight; you only have to suffer two hours to watch the movie opposed to the countless hours you have to suffer through reading the book.

The point is, Life of Pi is coming out this week and I am completely stressing out about watching it. Life of Pi is definitely in my top five favorite books, and any other English major knows what that means; picking your favorite books is like picking your favorite child. This is serious. I’ve read the book three times (I usually don’t reserve precious reading time for rereading) and I love it more and more every time I read it! I am so in love with this book that I plan on naming the first cat I get Richard Parker (I mean, how cute right?) So there’s a lot of pressure on this film. It has a lot of expectations to live up to. Obviously the directors can’t possible fit every awesome page into two hours, but I know I will be devastated when they do. I have plans to see it the day at comes out, so I will cross my fingers!

I hope you all get to go see the movie, but take my mom’s advice and read the book first!


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