Been a While….

In the past couple weeks i’ve taken it upon myself to refrain from posting any blogs. Don’t ask me why, because i’m not really sure. Call it laziness or call it lack of motivation, or any other synonym for laziness that you can think of. Glad to be back though!

I’m gonna take a little stretch into the past and talk about the process that i went through in creating my 3rd genre paper project. As most of you know, i wrote six limericks that were in someway related to education and posted them on a website created by my roommate. I’d never written a limerick before and i’d never really been a fervent fan of limericks, but after reading some Asimovian limericks (out of his book “Lecherous Limericks”) I realized that it would be a fun project to work on. The standard of a limerick is that it should be as dirty as possible, but i decided to take the noble, and probably the less interesting, route of cleanliness. 

At the beginning of my project i thought that i would end up with somewhere around 10 or 15 limericks, but then i discovered that they didn’t write themselves. I knew what ideas i wanted to focus on (tenure, tech ed, montessori etc) but it ended up being extremely difficult to come up with rhymes and punchlines. The form of limericks allows you to mold and flex some words so they rhyme or sound similar, but even while doing this it was still tough for me to find the words to say. Once i got more into the swing of things and started writing at least a limerick a day, the rhymes became easier. As with most things, the more you practice the easier it becomes, and by then end of my project i was pleased to find out that i actually really did enjoy writing the limericks. I think they are a great way to let out some of the creative steam that gets built up every now and again. With this being said, I’m going to keep updating the website with more limericks, so keep your eyes open!



About alexdenu

Senior english major at Colostate University. Publishing, self-publishing, e-books, OCR corrections, reading, lit analysis etc.

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