What’d You Guys Do This Break? I Became a Published Author…Well, Self-Published

That’s right, I published my first book.  There’s a badass website where you can create, publish, and put up for sell your own book.  The link to my book is here.  Mine is the first one on the list.  The idea to make a legit looking book started out as a Christmas gift for my good friend.  I searched around and found this website, bookemon.com, and you can literally make a book, publish it, they print and bind it and you can put a bar code on it for $50 bucks so it can be sold everywhere, or you can choose not to.  However, through this website, anyone can buy the book, and you can even set up how much “author profits” you can get.  I decided to not be greedy for the first one, so I only make $4 a book that’s purchased.  My book is a collection of poems I wrote about my friend and our friendship.  It is a bit personal, so only her and I will understand the poems for the most part, and I don’t expect many people to want to buy my Christmas gift of a book.

But this got me to thinking of how awesome it would have been to turn in an actual, published book for a genre paper in this class.  I also thought how this technology could be incorporated into the classroom as future teachers.  Students could do a genre project that involves books of any kind and they could have their books actually published.  How awesome would have been to be in Jr/Sr high school and be published at that age?  Exactly, really freaking awesome.  Also, there is a published poetry book on this website created by a second grade class, entitled Love Is…  It’s a collection of poems written by each student about what love is to them.  Once again, how awesome would that be to have an actual published book that you helped write.  Right again, really freaking awesome!

I suggest that everyone go and check out this website, especially if you have entertained the idea of becoming a published author.  And because I’m vain and an attention hog, check out my book, Greatness and Other Poems About Emotional Fluffing.


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One thought on “What’d You Guys Do This Break? I Became a Published Author…Well, Self-Published

  1. shelbyjayy says:

    This is so cool!!!!! I didn’t read all of your book… I started to feel like I was ready something I wasn’t allowed to read… reading something really close and personal. THATS NOT A BAD THING, I just got a vibe. But from what I did read, it was really good 🙂 you’ll have to let us know what she thinks of it.
    On a side note… It would be so legit if as a teacher you found a way to make this happen for your students! (it’s a lot of money for a student to just whip out on a project). But have them see what their work looks like in a professional way. If I got to see my work appear more solid and professional, maybe I would have gone further with it? I don’t know… It just would seem more inspiring then just comments in the margins.

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