Brooklyn Castle and Budget Cutting

The other day, while i was whole-heartedly ignoring any form of school work, i was watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In the throes of attempting to push all scholarly thought and school related ideas out of my head, education controversies still found a way to spring up and force me to think. The guests of the show that night were Pobo Efekoro and Katie Dellamaggiore who are two of the main contributors to the recent documentary “Brooklyn Castle.” Unfortunately i haven;t actually watched this film yet, but i’m using that as an opportunity to create a 2-part blog series!

Part 1: My thoughts on what the film will discuss and help me discover.

Part 2: What happens to me after i watch the movie.

Let it begin!

Part 1

From what I understand about the documentary the focus is on a specific situation of budget cuts in an intermediate school in Brooklyn. The interesting thing about this documentary is that the director originally intended to focus on the school not because of the situation with the budget cuts, but instead because the school has an incredibly talented Chess Group. In the Chess Competition biz this chess group is commonly referred to as the “Yankees” of the Chess world because of their unparalleled wins and talent. In the midst of the filming, however, the school was forced to take on significant budget cuts. One of the programs that suffered was this revered chess club. The film then depicts the tale of the fights over the preservation of this highly popular and highly successful club.

Thats how i believe the movie will play out based on the preview and on the interview on The Daily Show.

I really hope that the documentary focuses not only on how the students directly involved in the Chess Club suffer, but also on how the entire school feels about the desecration of the club. I hope the film talks about the families of the individual players and how the budget cuts have affected them as well.

All in all, i hope that the documentary discusses all of the secondary effects of the budhet cuts. If they do this i believe it will create a better picture of how one program being cut can affect an entire school and an entire community.

We’ll see what happens after i actually watch the movie!

For those of you who want to join me on this incredible 2-part journey, heres the preview


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