SO when we were told that we had to use twitter, this was how I thought it was going to be: weird, pointless and awkward.


I thought it was going to be like facebook without the creeping, or myspace without the music (read:pointless). But I actually love it! And I think it can be used as a great tool in the education world. Here are my top 6 people that I recommend to erryone in the educational track; they keep me motivated, inspired, and informed.

Tales In Education


True stories from inside American schools. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent!

Dan Rockwell


My dream is when people see me they think that guy made my life better.

Just Let Us Teach


I’m a teacher. I just want to do what I do best: teach. This account is dedicated to all the over-worked, under-appreciated teachers in public schools today.


Education Week


American education’s newspaper and website of record.

For Teachers Only ‏ @ForTeachersOnly

We live for Teachers! Follow us and receive teaching tips, jokes, new product alerts, promotions and much more!

And then just for kicks and giggles, my absolute favorite member of the twitosphere that has absolutely nothing to do with education….

What did you say your credit card number was again?

I’ll never tell.



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