I can assume that many of you are probably in the same place as me this week. You’re probably running out of exciting things to blog about and you probably don’t really want to somehow produce 500 words about something or other you have yet to come up with. You are in a lull. Like me, you probably thought that you were going to do a lot of school work over break but you ended up stuffing yourself with turkey and spending obscene amounts of money on Black Friday bargains instead. So now you have a pile of homework the size of Mount Everest and are wondering what you are doing with your life. So take a break! I know you’ve probably been on Pinterest or Facebook for the last thirty minutes anyway, so why not do something as distracting as it is productive! How about taking a break and looking at some of these hilarious blogs? That way, you can waste time looking at trivial things while also expanding your knowledge of blogging! It’s a win win. Enjoy the blogs that are completely irrelevant to education and procrastinate all those projects a little longer.



2 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. fbleam says:

    oh man, I really didn’t need to know all those awesome websites that I am going to spend hours on on top of facebook, twitter, and instagram. BUT THANK YOU! because I am glad I am not the only one out there who has a problem staying focused for 10+ million zillion hours! Isn’t it funny how we can (or at least I do) get on the same social networking site that we were just on 5 minutes before….BUT maybe something has changed right!?! hahaha procrastinating at its finest 😀 thanks for sharing!

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