The Oatmeal and Other Lessons from the Interwebs

Ah, yes: the Great American Pastime…  No, no; not baseball.  Don’t be silly.

I’m talking about the Internet.  Yes: the World Wide Web.  The greatest thing to come along since Christ Jesus.  …  And I might just be serious, come to think about it.  What else has been this revolutionizing, next to the Big Guy, Himself, coming down to visit (and die for our sins and all that jazz)?

I just love the internet.  It’s great.  Instant communication.  Instant information.  Instant creativity.  And instant entertainment for the procrastinating college student.  It’s so great.

I know some people out there comlpain about how “the technowligies ruin the peeps and communicacation and stuffs” or whatever; but with the advent of the internet we communicate more, more often, with more people, about more things.  It’s great.  Don’t know something — anything — and all you have to do is ask Google.  Or go straight to the Wikipedia.  Either way, you’ll soon know everything you didn’t before know and so much more.  Who needs school?!

But really.  With instant access to raw information, and hyper-processed information, do we really need school?  But that’s a question for another day.

How to use a semicolon, the most feared punctuation on earth.


For now, please revel in these super awesome grammar posters from web comic/artist, The Oatmeal.




One thought on “The Oatmeal and Other Lessons from the Interwebs

  1. adrey1 says:

    Love the posters! That guy is hilarious! Yes! School is absolutely NECESSARY! (Shhhh… don’t let anyone know that Google can do our jobs! I hope to get paid one day!) 🙂

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