100 Words You Could Stay Instead of Swag

Watch this video! It is, by all standards, SWAG.

I think this would be an awesome video to use in an English classroom for teaching about synonyms! Or using a Thesaurus. If you showed this to your students and said, “Go and create something like this for synonyms” what kind of reaction do you think you would receive? How about: “Heck yes! Our teacher is da bomb!” (That is something I always strive for in being a teacher!)

You could also incorporate figurative language and require your students to come up with metaphors, similes, onomatopoeias, idioms, etc. for a certain word. For example: the word “hungry”

Idiom: I could eat a horse!
Simile: I’m as starving as a bear at the end of his hibernation period!
Onomatopoeia: Grumble, grumble
Metaphor: I’m an empty bowl and I just need to be filled up!

Anyways, this video was hilarious and don’t get me wrong, I love the Biebs. Hope you enjoyed!



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