Saw this tonight. I thought it was so interesting… good food for thought I guess.

I’m clearly not becoming a teacher for the money… no one really does. However, is this what I desire? I feel so conflicted sometimes.


I like how he said that we are just raising kids to be just like us. Which got me thinking; as a teacher what am I going to do to make sure that the kids I am teaching and influencing are not going to grow and live how we did? I’m NOT saying that we are not doing it wrong, but our generation sure is… I would hate for my kids to continue this generation’s problems and lifestyles, ya know, the whole “generation X” the one that nothing good came from… 😦


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  1. adrey1 says:

    I really enjoyed this video! Thank you for sharing! I think you are right when you say most people do not become teachers for the money because that would be absolutely preposterous (I think that man’s English accent inspired me to use that word). I think this idea is totally spot-on, but I also think it is much easier said than done. Greed and consumerism are such large parts of American lifestyle, unfortunately, but there are a rare few that take the idea in this video to heart and truly live out their days doing what they love. I hope to be one of them and I think we should tell our students to do the same thing; contradictory to what society says.

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