To the Future Housekeepers

First of all, don’t try and spend more than one class period trying to figure out what the tattoo on his arm says. you’ll end up having a headache because you squinted too hard for too long and you’ll have nothing to show for it. I think even on the first day you’ll be able to tell that the vibe and the atmosphere of this class is pretty significantly different than plenty of others that you’ve taken so far. The open seating and the circular class layout (if it’s in the same computer ridden basement cubbyhole that we had last year) is somewhat reflective of the style of the actual class itself. be prepared to have opportunities every day to voice your opinion. the class will be exponentially better if you are willing to discuss the subjects with your class mates and with Dr. Garcia. that being said, also be prepared for the class to be tangential from the syllabus and to be flexible with conversation. the points that we have discussed in class haven’t always been directly on the original guidelines from the syllabus, but the matters that were discussed almost always had a grounded and understandable takeaway, even if it doesn’t seem like it right away. When the assignments start rolling in, and they will, don’t be overwhelmed by the scary thoughts of having your own blog and of creating a “genre paper,” these projects are more useful than you’d originally think. Take the opportunity to blog and make it your own. the class will start with a blog page where each students is an author and where everyone writes on the same wordpress page. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with sticking with the class page, but i think making your own blog is a way to make it really feel your own, and also to make it feel like its for you and not just for a class assignment. This is said in hindsight because i didn’t actually make my own page, but you should do it. 

The most successful days that i had in class were the days that i was actually willing to take the topics seriously. Take every opportunity to really try and understand why the material that is covered in class will relate to your profession, because there are so many applications in this class. that I didn’t see or understand right away. Pay attention to your blog and the blogs of your classmates and try and tie them in with whats covered. Also, create genre projects that you care about, and genre projects that you’ll be excited to present. If you don’t really put your heart into it then you’ll regret it immediately when you see how your classmates have, because most of them undoubtedly will. 

This class will keep your attention and you will be motivated to attend, but really try and devote yourself to it. Take the time to think about how the material will make you a better teacher, because the lessons are there and it’s totally up to you to apply them. Dr. Garcia will give you the freedom to create basically whatever you want, but don’t take that as an opportunity to take it easy. you’ll be happier if you make something that you care about and if you make something unique. It really is a class that you’ll remember and it’s a class that will help you in your struggle to find out what it really means to be a teacher. It’s not going to give you the top ten secrets to being a perfect teacher, but that would be like telling you the meaning to life and everything is 42,  there isn’t one answer that you’re looking for. 

The tattoo on his wrist is a snail, so maybe that will save you some squinting time. 



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Senior english major at Colostate University. Publishing, self-publishing, e-books, OCR corrections, reading, lit analysis etc.

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