I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Mean To Call You Awkward

Dear Future Students of CO301d,


Welcome to the best class I have taken at CSU! Get ready to explore your creativity and ‘thinking-out-of-the-box’ skills more than ever before! And guess what? You don’t even have to write essays for this class!


First, I think it is important that you know Dr. Garcia is just as awkward as he comes off to be. (Garcia please take that in the best way possible!) For the first month of the semester, I waited for Dr. Garcia to ‘snap out’ of his awkwardness (which I wrongly assumed was nervousness) and become a normal teacher. However, this never happened, so I wouldn’t expect that from him. Nevertheless, I can say that it is his awkwardness and un-teacher likeness that lines up exactly with what this class is! This class is different than any other class you will take at CSU, and just like Garcia, in the best way possible!


Side Note: Garcia, I think you are awesome and your awkward personality is the BEST. In fact, I strive to be more awkward in daily situations because of you. (and when I use the word awkward it is NOTHING but a compliment!)


Don’t be overwhelmed by the initial workload in this class. It seems like a lot more than it is! Keep up with your blogging and commenting each week so you don’t get overwhelmed. Be sure to put your own personality and pizzazz into your posts because Garcia, nor anybody else, wants to read boring essay-like posts. I actually made my first Vlogs ever in this class and really fell in love with it! It is a super fun way to fulfill the requirement of blogging and, in my opinion, is more interesting to watch!


Genre projects are the best, so take them for what they are worth! Don’t worry about how Garcia is going to grade you because as long as you reach an audience, put effort into it, and make some kind of comment on education, you will do well. Honestly, just have fun! Don’t think of it as some ‘stupid project that will have no meaning to my life so I am just gong to get it done so I can get a grade and graduate’ project. Think of it as an excuse to do something that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to!


Don’t be afraid to speak up during group discussions and ask hard questions! You’re not learning if you’re not engaging! So ask questions and be obnoxious! It’s totally okay!


In the end, this class is amazing. You will walk away being able to creatively think better than you ever have. You will think about the world of writing and education in a whole new light and you will be a better person because of it! Enjoy this class! It goes fast!


From a previous student and a fellow friend


One thought on “I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Mean To Call You Awkward

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