One Tree Hill

I know everyone is posting about the class which I will totally do… after this. But first. I was watching one tree hill on Netflix with my roommate, pretty much blowing through 7 seasons in  days… so sad, when She said “Shelby, I bet one day you’re going to be a teacher like Hayley.” And then I thought “God, I hope so.”

I’ll tell you why I want to be like Hayley from One Tree Hill. Finally, T.V. got something right. Long story short, Hayley publishes an essay written by one of her students who grew up in foster care. The essay waas filled with drugs and sex and things of the like. When hayley’s principal found out she was going to publish the essay in the school newspaper, she told her she would fire her if she went through with it. Hayley published it because she felt like it was relatable  raw, and real. The principal then told her that she needed to write a letter of apology and then apologize to her class for poor judgement. Hayley didn’t and then got fired. She told her principal: “Congratulations. You made a good teacher not want to teach and good students not want to learn.” 

I thought it was really cool that Hayley didn’t back down from what she believed in and wasn’t afraid to step om toes. In Pam Cokes class we talk a lot about certain cases that happen in the classroom and who the stakeholders are. Usually the first stakeholder is the principal. I guess I always knew that your job was in the hands of another, but not like that… 

It got me excited too. I want to kind of be like that when i’m a teacher. Not go out and get myself fired, but be a great teacher who makes students want to lean simply because I’m not afraid to step on toes, because I cross boundaries and break lines… maybe. It also kind of freaked me out… I wish you could be the principal AND the english teacher. That would be super legit. 

Anywho. That’s all I had to say. Not much but something. 


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