Dear Future CO301D Students

DrewCarey - Welcome to Co301D! Where the Rubrics are made up and the points don't matter

This may sound like a negative statement, but it really isn’t. CO301D is unlike any class you have ever taken, guaranteed. The writing will seldom be essay format (unless you choose it to be), your projects will depend on what you want to create, and homework is blogging. That’s write. You don’t even have to have an article about education that you have to refer back to (though it helps). You don’t even have to watch your language, damn it.

Each class is run Socratic Method style, where everyone’s voice is heard everyday. The more you participate, the more you’ll get out of this class. Sometimes discussions will get off kilter a little, but they usually prove to be interesting and titillating! <—– I used that word. So what?

The hardest thing about this class is letting go. Don’t worry about the grades. Don’t worry about structure and rubrics. Just remember what your ol’ Devyn says:

and you’ll be fine. 

Also, talk a lot about Garcia’s ties. It builds community and the appreciation for neck-wear. 




One thought on “Dear Future CO301D Students

  1. Nick,

    This was a great post. Future students really get a great idea of to expect when they take this class.

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