Hey all!! So i am pretty pissed because I had an awesome post on tuesday about turning 21 and stuff but i cant find it so I assume it didn’t work. So i am going to try and re-write what I wrote last week.

Okay so here it goes:


Basically i turned 21 on friday. And for some reason I was thinking about how important it is as teachers to remain professional in all aspects of our lives. Now I am not saying that we need to change every aspect of our lives just to fit into what society wants us to be. However, I do think that we need to watch what we do in the public eye. As educators we are held in some higher position to other people, especially the parents of the children we teach. How do you think those parents would feel if they didn’t even think you could be responsible of yourself, let alone their children? Again, I am not saying that I shouldn’t go out and have a drink with my friends, but I know that at any moment I could be judged by what I am doing. Because in a world that has 7 billion people, in your worst moments you will always run into the one person you don’t want to see. And if that person happens to be a parent of one of the students you are teaching, you want it to be a comfortable and safe situation for everyone involved. If you run into Sean’s parents at Perry’s and are too trashed to even say your name, you better believe that will be an awkward parent teacher conference.

Or what happens when Sean’s parents take it even further? What if they take it too the principle. They tell him or her that they are not comfortable with an alcoholic and unprofessional person teaching their son English Honors. You have just ran into an even bigger problem than you probably intended. Too many drinks on a “girls night out” is not worth your job, or your dignity.

All im sayin is, keep it professional. Its not like we can’t go out do dinner and have a glass of wine, or have fun with our girlfriends and hit up denver. But at the same time, I am saying that it is important for us to stay professional and make sure that whatever you are doing in that bar or restaurant, make sure it is something that you would want your students parents, your grandparents to see.


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