I think it is important to think about health in the classroom. We as teachers need to think about our students as individuals and consider risks that they may be dealing with. I know there are counceling offices for that, and I am extremely thankful for every single person in that field who can help our students with those issues. But I also think that there is more we can do than send a starving student to the office to get help.

My english teacher in high school was really great about this. Going to a school with a bunch of different backgrounds and life styles, we need to be aware and try to help in anyway we can. Here is an article that I found on how to BE HEALTHY in the classroom. Check it out. But something that i know i want to have in my classroom is FOOD. I am obsessed with food, and I know that this can be expensive. But what my teacher did that is something I would like to do, is sell his food for very cheap so that he doesn’t go entirely broke.

For instance, he would sell Pop Tarts and chips for 50 cents. That way, it is cheaper than what is in vending machines, but also saves him a little bit. I think that it is important to help out students out. How are they supposed to learn when they have no eaten a meal in over 24 hours? and believe me, this does happen. I have seen it at the middle school i work at all the time. Im not saying that this is our responsibility as teachers to provide food for our students, but i know that it is something that i am going to want to do.


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