“And my heart swells to the size of an orchid”

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A little preview of what my final paper is gonna be about. ( if Prof Garcia grants me permssion to change at the last moment. If not I’ll just give facts at some point! But if permission is granted then its full speed ahead) I’ll post it on the blogsy when I finish, but I’ll give you some clues. Education! Kabul! Camels! Sleeping Sickness! and even more EDUCATION!

I really wanted to talk about an experience I had a summer ago, and so I’m really excited for the chance to compose a photo essay of sorts for the final paper. I will go into more detail by next wednesday, but until then I will leave these tantilizing pictures, and also a message….

if you want to make this christmas less about commercialism and more about what its really about, or if you just want to buy someone something that will mean more than most gifts will, i have an idea.

SOZO international (who i went to kabul with) employs widows (many of whom whose husbands were murdered by the taliban), who would otherwise be left poor and optionless, to make hats. they pay them well, they give them a chance to make their own income, and add a purpose to days that may otherwise have to be spent home all day, every day.

then, groups bring these hats with them back to the us (therefore eliminating any shipping costs and making sure as much money can go to SOZO and back to the community as possible), and our church sells them all december. your money goes to funding street schools, health clinics, womens clinics, widows, and wells in afghanistan. could you really get anyone anything better?

if you are interested in helping with sozo, buying a hat, or, hell! going to afghanistan with me (haha. but really. i want to go back right…meow.), let me know and we can make this happen. seriously.

more to come, later.

One thought on ““And my heart swells to the size of an orchid”

  1. ESteward747 says:

    Lexy, this sounds like such an interesting program! If going to Afghanistan is really and truly an option, I’d love to find more information about it!

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