Can we make a difference?

One of my best friends is a social work intern for a middle school in the ED program. As a social worker in that department she works with kids of all types of problems and various diagnosed diseases. Every time she tells me about the day she had at work that day, I think to myself that there is not enough people out there like her. I think that one of the major problems in the school system these days is that teachers have become too comfortable in just keeping with the curriculum instead of really being passionate about the students that they are teaching. I think teachers also lack some sort of compassion for the problems that these students have that are out of their control.

I know when I first decided that I wanted to be a teacher I was inspired by the teacher from Freedom Writers. Yes I know real life isn’t like the movies. But realistically what if teachers strive to make a difference in their students’ lives? A lot of the problems that students have arise from the environment in which they grow up. As teachers I feel that we need to create a better environment at school so they have a place aside from their home where they feel safe. I know that it is tougher to be a teacher these days but I have just been thinking about how we will be one of the most crucial influences on these children’s lives.

For a while now my goal has been to make a difference even if it is only one students life. I think that teaching in a way that allows students to express themselves and the problems that they have going on could be the avenue to making this happen. I think that teachers should work to be more compassionate and to adapt to certain students needs. I think that this could change not only the lives of students but the world as a whole.


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